Celebrity Handshake

by Celebrity Handshake

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released July 27, 2016

a.m. haines- vocal, keyboard
jose moreno-guitar
will berdan II- drums

all selections written by haines/moreno
recorded and mixed in portland, maine 04/30/16 by jose moreno
mastered by a.m. haines and will berdan II
art and design by jose moreno

p & c 2016 eastern prawn records


all rights reserved


Track Name: Political Future
this is not
this not my political future
this is not
this not my political past

drown my kids in the ocean

i don't need no saturday night
i don't need a sunday morning
Track Name: Religion on the Outside
temples on the inside
a new religion on the outside
stop the feelin' baby
stop the feelin' baby
Track Name: Float (Don't Take Care)
don't take care
don't take care
we've got a lot of living to do upstairs

you look like robert mitchum in drag
you're the reason they invented the bag
Track Name: Stick It to Fiction
i wash my teeth in the armpit of the lord
he's always outta reach
mother nature never liked you

stick it
stick it to fiction

forgive the light bulb
and autograph the rain
Track Name: It Takes All Kinds of Bones
i wash the wash the high dogs
call the doctor about my roosevelt sized chest wound
Track Name: Hit Me Where It Hurts
they built me a song in exchange for a church
hit me in the kneebone, baby
hit me where it hurts

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